Executive Profile

Julie’s principal strengths lie in applying tax and accounting techniques to the actual day to day functions of running a business. Julie’s commitment is to provide prompt and personal customer service.
She excels in a communication style representing both professional knowledge and a clear manner in which to convey information.

Professional Service

Every client is carefully evaluated. Julie meets with the stakeholders / shareholders to assure accurate and constructive communication. By examining the books several times each year, any necessary changes to organizational structure and strategy are proactively put in place.
Clients are assisted to maintain compliance, manage records accurately and effectively, for best possible elimination of risk.

Wall Street Journal Small Business News
Big Banks Cut Back on Loans to Small Businesses
Friday 27 November 2015
By Ruth Simon The biggest banks in the U.S. are making far fewer loans to small businesses than they did a decade ago, ceding market share to alternative lenders that charge significantly higher rates. Together, 10 of the largest banks issuing small loans to business lent $44.7 billion in 2014, down 38% from a peak...
Big Retailers Seek Local Artisans
Friday 27 November 2015
By Ruth Simon Big retailers like Nordstrom Inc. and Williams-Sonoma Inc. are turning to small artisans this holiday season in an effort to try to stand apart from rivals and draw new shoppers with locally made, handcrafted items.For Karen Guethlein, a Trion, Ga., ceramist this strategy turned her kitchen and living room into a mini-factory...
Selling Therapeutic Toys for Tots Who Need Them
Thursday 26 November 2015
By Zolan Kanno-Youngs Not long ago, when Melissa Palermo wanted to purchase a therapeutic product such as a chewy tube or a weighted vest for her special-needs son, her only option was to shop online.The result was disappointment. Some products took days to arrive, and when they did, Mrs. Palermo often found they didn’t meet...
Theranos Authorizes New Shares
Thursday 26 November 2015
By Rolfe Winkler and John Carreyrou Theranos Inc. authorized new shares that would value the laboratory startup at more than $10 billion, a regulatory filing shows, three days before a Wall Street Journal article detailed the company’s struggles to turn excitement over its reported breakthroughs in blood-testing technology into reality.Some legal experts say such a...