Executive Profile

Julie’s principal strengths lie in applying tax and accounting techniques to the actual day to day functions of running a business. Julie’s commitment is to provide prompt and personal customer service.
She excels in a communication style representing both professional knowledge and a clear manner in which to convey information.

Professional CPA Service

Every client is carefully evaluated. Julie meets with the stakeholders / shareholders to assure accurate and constructive communication. By examining the books several times each year, any necessary changes to organizational structure and strategy are proactively put in place.
Clients are assisted to maintain compliance, manage records accurately and effectively, for best possible elimination of risk.

Wall Street Journal Small Business News
Slowdown in Funding Takes Bite Out of India's Startups
Monday 8 February 2016
By Sean McLain NEW DELHI—On the far shores of the global tech startup boom—India—there are signs that the flood of easy money is starting to recede.For much of past year, Indian food-delivery startup TinyOwl Technology Pvt. lost money on nearly every order, burning through $1 million a month in investors’ cash in a rush to...
Tuning Into a Good Deal
Saturday 6 February 2016
By Anne Kadet One of the advantages of New York living is all the cheap services supplied by students looking to practice their trade. For years, I’ve enjoyed $9 haircuts at the Empire Beauty School and $20 dental cleanings at City Tech. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I learned of Floating Piano Factory, a...
Family Leave Hits the Campaign Trail
Friday 5 February 2016
By Anna Louie Sussman and Melanie Trottman Presidential candidates are wrestling over a basic workforce question: Should employees get paid time off to tend to newborn children, an acute illness or an ailing parents?Skirmishes about paid leave—and how to fund it—have showed wide gaps between the parties as candidates jockey to appeal to middle-class voters...
Startups Bet That Lab-to-Table Will Be Next Food Trend
Wednesday 3 February 2016
By Jacob Bunge Several startups are racing to be the first to fill U.S. consumers’ plates with laboratory-developed hamburgers and sausages that taste just as good as the kind from cattle and pigs.Memphis Meats Inc., a San Francisco company founded by three scientists, aims in three to four years to be the first to sell...